About Me :)

it's me 🙂

Tell us a little about yourself: 
I’m a well-mannered person, also I care about my own body. I can be serious and fun, depends on the condition. I really like to read books. I’m a little bit clumsy and I can talk randomly about anything, at last, I care much about my education. 🙂

I speak these languages: 
I speak English fluently, Indonesian, and little Mandarin (since I’m a Chinese), and fluent at Khek (my traditional languange in Chinese also known as Cantonese).

My turn-ons and what I’m looking for in a person:
I don’t know exactly about my turn-ons, maybe some good RnB music will do. What I’m looking for in a person are their kindness, modesty, sociable, and the most important, they have to be fun.

I think I’m looking for a neat man, and care about hygiene. I think I found my turn on, it is the intelligence of someone that will amazed me 🙂
(Why I talked about the type of man I’m looking for? haha)

My turn-offs and traits I avoid from a potential partner:
I don’t like dirty people, literally, and somehow not a very clever one.

My favorite restaurants, local hangouts, or travel destinations:
I love any restaurant that has silent atmosphere, so I can either study or read books

My favorite music:  Rhythm and Blues

My favorite Books and Authors:  Harry Potter is my all time favorite

My favorite movies:  Harry Potter and the other drama movies like Princess Diaries

My favorite TV Shows:  Gossip Girls

Here are a few more of my favorite things:
I am a systematic and structural person, I do things based on plans. So I really like to buy cute agendas or diaries. I also like to collect perfume because I really like good scent all over my body. In my spare time, I also like to write blog.

Some more keywords that describe me:
Chinese, Buddhist, 20 years old, assertive, decisive, expressive 



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