Mie Kocok Terenak di Poris


I have never liked Mie Kocok before. But when I tried this, I dig in until the plate was clean.

Mie kocok ini dijual di Poris Indah, Tangerang tepatnya di Rumah Makan Purnama depan sekolah Poris yang gedung. Gw gatau apa itu SMP atau SMA pokoknya bukan yang TK atau SD deh kayaknya. haha

This dish is ultra tasty with chewy noodles to begin with and a rich soup taste. Unlike the other mie kocok, this one doesn’t give you the bland feeling when eating. It comes with potongan telur dan perkedel. I will give an 8 out of 10.

I am not a food blogger nor a food enthusiast but I really want to share my experience dining there. Soalnya dulu ini yang masak tinggal di Aceh (which he also had well-known restaurant) and tried their luck in Jakarta (Tangerang sih tepatnya :p).

Mie nya murah sepiring cuma IDR 12,000. And what I notice is, their kitchen is suuuupppeeerr clean. So don’t worry about the food hygene. Well, that’s my experience. If you happen to drop by, don’t forget to tell me your opinion. Until next time. :*



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