Shanghai Cold Noodle

I used to stroll around and tried some interesting food in Shanghai. This one, I gave it a try with cold noodle.

Very big slice of pork

Very big slice of pork

The noodle was very thin and easy to break. The taste was sweet because of the pork. Just look at the size of the pork! I couldnt finish it myself. 

Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao

Next one we ordered xiao long bao, dumplings with pork inside. This xiao long bao weren’t really good compare to Yang’s Dumpling or the xiao long bao that located in Qibao Lu (Qibao Street).

Packaged Soybean Milk

Packaged Soybean Milk

To wash it all, we bought a packaged of soybean milk that taste surprisingly fresh. All of the food that we ordered was very cheap. It were all under 10RMB for each. 


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