A Whole Month in Shanghai

Never comes in my mind to stay in Shanghai for a whole full month just for travelling and do the leisure things. The initial purpose was to become an exchange participant at the AIESEC, then voluntarily teach English for elementary kids and share the culture & politics of Indonesia to the elder.

Bluntly saying, those works just share a very tiny part of the 32 days there. All I did was wandering around the famous street to shop and try lots of delightful dishes of Shanghai.

I taught the elementary kids and had sharing sessions with the elder just 4 times a week and it consumed 2 hours. So my working hours was 8 per week. Quite a bit

The aisecer (a term to call the aiesec team there) only gave me the address of the school and didn’t tell where was the exact direction. I had to look for which metro station to get off from, and it was quite difficult to find since Shanghai is utterly a big city with 11 lines of metro.

As time passes, I did enjoy Shanghai excessively as I plan to study language there after I graduate. After this post, I will post lots and lots of Shanghai cuisine that I found there. Lovely

Shanghai Metro Map (English)

Shanghai Metro Map (English)

Ps: If you are going to travel to Shanghai, download ExploreShanghai (map of Shanghai Metro) at your google play or appstore since it will help you a lot. The english map was really hard to find so better download it beforehand.

Oh, and more about Shanghai:

  1. You can’t browse with Google in China, all they have was Baidu and it mostly in Mandarin. So you could alter to google.hk (Hongkong)
  2. If you are using China Telecom there, you could use free wifi even on the street. Simply connect to the wifi (ChinaNet, CMCC, i-Shanghai) and type your mobile phone number. Then it will send you the passcode to connect.
  3. You can buy China telecom card for 50 RMB with 50 RMB credit inside. Some people sell it at the Airport for 150 RMB.
  4. The public toilets were all awful
  5. Taxi service is very cheap compare to Indonesia, and it has different fare for day and night
  6. If you wish to lengthen your visa duration, you can go to The Entry and Exit Bureau at Min Sheng Rd (get off from Science and Technology Museum station). The extension fee is approx 150RMB . For the exact direction, click here. Be sure to extend it minimal a week before your visa ends.
  7. There are a lot of halal restaurant, so for Moslem fellow, don’t worry about it.

That’s all I could share about Shanghai. If anything coming up in my mind, I will update it again. 🙂



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