I just got back from Cianjur for doing community development there. We stayed about a month living at local resident.

Sebenarnya pulangnya tanggal 28 February, yaitu hari ini. But I have to go home earlier because me and my team ( Nicky Hartanto, Timotius Wong, Dendy Emiral, and Melissa Kirana) are joining Danone Young Social Entrepreneur competition, so we went home at 23 February. And at the end, my team didn’t win the competition. Hiks

Jadilah sekarang gw duduk di Living World, waiting for the others from Cianjur buat ambil kasur gw yang ketinggalan. Bingung juga mau ngapain disini. Pulang males. Tapi nunggu disini juga masih lama

Chatime lychee green tea accompany me. Ini chatime yg udah ketiga kali gratis. Berarti gw udah beli chatime 30x. Ckck




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