HanGook Restaurant Review

HanGook Restaurant
Salsa Food City, Summarecon Mall Serpong
Ph : +62 21 546 90005

Today I went to HanGook Restaurant, a Korean restaurant in Tangerang. They serve really delicious dishes with affordable price. After you order your food, they will give you Pancha. somewhat we call it appetizer and it’s free.

I order dolsot bibimbap, gye ran cim, soseji dalgal mali, kimbap, and korean ramyeon.

Here’s the Pancha / Appetizer

1. Korean Pancake

This is Korean pancake made with flour, carrot, and flat + thin vegetables ( I don’t know the name :p)

2. Boiled Peanuts

3. Sauteed Green Beans

4. Spicy Kikil (Cowhide)

5. Kimchi

I forgot to take photos of the Kimchi (sorry 😦 ), but the Kimchi here is surely delicious because it was not too sour. Suitable for newbie 😛

Well, that was the Pancha, so here’s the main dishes that I ordered 😀

1. Dolsot Bibimbap

Dolsot bibimbap is Korean mix rice +vegetables + egg. They served it with a hot pot so the rice will crust (jadi kerak) and make it tasted crunchy. Usually it comes with special sauces. You have to mix the sauces and rice together and stir it.
You can either choose cooked egg or raw egg. I chose cooked.
The tastiest dish among all others.

Price : Rp 39.000

2, Gye Ran Cim

Steamed egg. The texture was soft and the taste was not really salty.

Price : Rp 10.000

3. Soseji Dalgal Mali

Beef sausage wrapped with omelette. Delicious 🙂

Price : Rp 20.000

4. Kimbap

Let’s call it, Korean’s sushi. haha The taste was no less than Japanese Sushi. There are omelette, kani (crabstick), pickled radish, and sprinkled with sesame. They serve it in 10 giant pieces

Price : Rp 22.000

5. Korean Ramyun

I must say that the taste is a bit similar with the Korean instant noodle. The differences are, they serve it in a giant skillet (kuali), they put eggs, and nori.

Price : Rp 22.000

That was what I ordered (no, I didn’t eat it all alone, I was with my friends 😀 )

The cutlery that we use

Some popular menu served there

Another popular menu


Well, that was the review of HanGook Restaurant 😀










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