Vegetarian Food at Medan (Jl. Perak)

Well, it has been a long time since I haven’t blog. I was having my holiday in Banda Aceh and Medan.
!0 – 15 August 2012 in Banda Aceh and
15 – 30 August 2012 in Medan.

My dad’s sister is a vegetarian so she brought us mostly to vegetarian restaurant in Medan. This one is Rumah Makan Emy (Yi Po) at Jalan Perak No.11-H Medan Telp.7365206.

They serve a really delicious food, even my mom (a non vegan) said it was really tasty. They serve the food in a huge bowl (giant portion). So here’s the photos that I snapped.

Claypot Fried Rice

It’s a fried rice with a rich taste of vegetarian mushroom spices. The fried rice here is using special rice so the rice it’s not sticking to each other.

Salted Fish Fried Rice

The different with Claypot Fried Rice is this one is using bean sprouts and vegetarian salted fish. Have you ever taste vegetarian salted fish? The taste and texture is really similar with the real one. Has a firm texture but not really salty.

Tom Yum Lamien

This is the dish that I ordered. It has fish ball, prawn, carrot, corn, cayenne pepper, and ham. The tom yum taste is not really strong, but it’s dominated with the spicy taste.

Chinese Lamien

It looks like that this noodle has a small portion, but no, I was about to capture the dish but my father (who ordered this Chinese Lamien) was already stir the noodle so it didn’t give a nice look anymore. Then I have to move a bit of this noodle to smaller bowl.

Well, the lamien taste is similar with my Tom Yum, chewy but easily broken. The soup was chicken broth.

Cheese Fried Rice

This cheese fried rice looks the most delicious. First they make the fried rice, then they cover the rice with cheese and baked it. So when you eat it, the cheese melts in your mouth.

The price starts from IDR 25.000 – 30.000
If you go or live in Medan, you should try this restaurant ^^



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