Short Stories about Friends

It’a funny to know that someone is not really interested to other one, but still feel nervous when going up together.

This is story about my friends. Let’s call her A, and the other one, a guy, B.
A had ever had a crush on B, not long a go, A had realised that there was no good point of liking B, so A decided to forget B.

After one or two weeks that A realised that she is no longer liking B, B asked A to go out for the sake of religious thing (buying something for their church).

This is the weird part of human, at D-1, A feel really nervous and think what clothes should she wear, what bag should she carry, should she put on more makeup, and the other thing like it was her first date. Why should she doing so?


A drove the car, felt so nervous until she hit the wrong pedal. No, there wasn’t any accident that day. But still, she can’t control her tense face, and it was so hard for her to  talk because she had been busy searching for the good topic.
the going out thing just last for 2 hours. aaannddd, it ended.

A is now sober (realising how stupid she was), and continuing her life like usual.
Deep down inside, she still have that spark for him.

Any suggestion for my dearest friend here?



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