So many thought, so little time

I was very busy to update this blog. There are so many things that I want to share.

About :

  • How I made fried soy curry taste (apa sih itu, maksudnya tempe goreng rasa kari haha)
  • The circus in Serpong that I went, Tarzan The Mighty Circus
  • The competition that I joined such as Asian English Olympics and Pekan Komunikasi UI (I joined newscasting field)
  • The Journalism workshop held by TRans7 at University of Indonesia
  • Pop Up Market event
  • How I made potato kroket
  • How annoying my partner in the competition
  • Chinese Culture Festival at JIEXPO
  • Myself beyond life and death
  • My new look because I already smooth my hair :$

and other things that happened in my life recently. I just dont have time to write it. But I promise I will write it one by one after I have my spare time
So sorry 😦



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