Some ‘magic’ things in Public School

Now, I’m at SMAN 1 Depok to become one of the trainee adjudicator for debate competition. I’m now sitting at the adjudicator’s hall to wait for the first competition.

At a first glance, so many things confused me, since I’m from private school from playgroup.
The stairs for going to the second floor is at the outside of the building, I just can’t understand if it is raining, how can you go upstairs?

The toilet.
They don’t have toilet hall, I mean when you go to the toilet, you first open the door and you will see several doors for the real toilet and also there will be a big mirror and wash bowls.
In here, if you want to go to toilet, they just have one door and taraa you can see the real toilet. Also they have “before going to toilet and after using toilet prayer” sticked on the door (!!!). The toilet is divided into girls’ student, boys’ student, guest, male teacher, and female teacher. The differences are the facility inside and how big the room. When guest’s toilet has the bigger room and students have the smallest. Agak aneh rasanya gw datang ke tempat yang agak magic ini.

Up until now, I’m still at the adju’s hall. Hearing others trainee adju blabbing about how amazing UPH is. Blah! (UPH : Universitas Pelita Harapan)

I’m thinking of posting the picture of the “magic” things in here soon.



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