Kalau Jerawatan, Blur Aja Fotonya (?!!!)

Well, tonight as usual, I don’t have anything to do, so I randomly search on google, the keyword were ‘Pose untuk Berfoto’ (poses for photos) and I found this. Hilarious post from someone on scribd.

what the ....

Jadi selama ini kalau foto anda berjerawat, akan anda blur? What the..
(If you really curious about the source, go here )

And if you already blurred your photos, and it (still) ugly, they suggest you to make your photos becoming abstract (Another what the #$%@ )

Well people, sekarang gw yakin kenapa banyak remaja muda yang (ngakunya) eksis berfoto dengan tingkat blur yang tinggi dan di smudge, sampai mukanya keliatan sangat putih dan bahkan gajelas mukanya. I tried really hard to find those pic, ‘alay foto blur’ ; ‘alay’ ; blurry photos, none of those keywords lead me to the pic that I’m looking for.

Dan juga untuk foto yang dibuat abstrak, itu sangat ga banget, terlebih, gaenak buat dipandang. Finally I found the example of abstract-ed photos.

#facepalm. Source : Google

These are the examples of bad advice and the bad influencer. So we better not doing this. D;

Posing in a photo is really simple, just dont be so stiff, and smile beautifully 🙂 – Olivia

Nb : This post is not to mention or make fun of the others.



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