Notrii at Entrepreneur Day 2012

7 January 2012 in Prasetiya Mulya BSD Campus, we had an event called Entrepreneur Day, where all the business ideas were presented there. From Technology Based on Business (1st semester) and Business Creation (3rd semester).

As the third semester student, I also have business that I have to present, it is called Notrii. Notrii is a business based on Green material that we attached on stationaries. Our very first product is called Papiere, it’s a pocket note with fiberwaste cover and the paper inside is a fiber recycle paper. So it’s totally green 🙂

These are Papiere with 3 different colours, Brown, Red, and Black.

This is when we had the decoration briefing of what we should put in our stand and what were we going to do with the silver plywood  

The girl in white shirt is me, and next to me is Patricia Riska (she is the Chief Marketing Officer of Notrii), and the girl in blue is Fransiska Tiffany (one of my best friend who is unrelated with Notrii. She studied Interior Design at UPH and help us to decorate our stand)

Then we decided to attach the plywood with our painted paper.

Voila! This is our stand, the white plain paper had turned into the painted paper at the back. 

We also gave free Papiere for those who win our games

So, that was the end of our day and this is the whole crew of Notrii. We have worked hard and see you at the next event.

If you are interested to buy our product, you can easily contact me at @oliviataan or if you are curious about Notrii, go follow @Notrii 🙂



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