Starting a Whole New Year

Define 2011 in 3 words : struggle, successful, surprising.

Which month(s) was(were) the best? : December

Why? : become the awardee of academic scholarship of Prasetiya Mulya for 2011/2012, have a new business

Other months? : Just plain

And the worst? : September

Why? : almost had swollen eye everyday in this month causing of breakup

What was(were) your most significant lesson(s) learned this year? :

  • Everything that you’ve already sweat on, will give you something to be smile for
  • Expect the worst, but always keep the effort
  • Do not depend your life on someone. It is hard when he/she gone (quote from my senior LidyaKosasih)
  • True friends are there for you, but not always
  • Self-control
  • Never believe to someone so easily, or you’ll get betrayed
  • I just learned that Prince is exist in the real life

What was(were) the significant moment(s) in 2011? : success to get scholarship, being a part of particular organization for the first time with much effort, had the same class with friend who got perfect GPA (*pressure), won the newscasting competition at ALSA UI šŸ˜€

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best, 2010 was : 7.53

If you were given a choice, would you want to rewind 2011? : NO!

What were the things you lost in 2011? : I am so clumsy that I forgot all the things that I’ve lost :p

Any regrets? : hmm, I don’t have any. I had pass through it with no regret

If you were given a chance to go back, what would you try to fix? : my first impression to people that I’ve just met this year

What is(are) your 2012 resolution(s)? : perfect GPA, being nicer to people, not telling sarcasm anymore, and be more dilligent

Who made an impact in your life in 2011? : Intan Permata Wijaya, Bernhardt Evans, Bernhard Johan, Patricia Riska, Melissa Kirana, Katrin Fransiska, Aditya Julio

Final words for 2011 : fluctuative

Welcoming words for 2012 : please, just don’t resemble the previous year



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