She is a Fake Friend

I got very angry today after I received an email. She is the one who sent it, the one who I thought one of my bestfriends in campus.

My situation now, is I really want to scratch her face, pull her hair, and kick her in her face.

She is the one of a smart students, and I always help her. I always lend her my notes anytime when she needs it, even I send her the slides of teacher’s lesson. Until we got the same project but I really don’t have any idea how to deal with it. It was very difficult so I have to ask her to send her project to me. I just want to know how to do the project, I am not dumb enough to copy her project rightaway. But after a long waiting time for her sending me the project, she sent me her project, but she had already delete 9/10 of it. She just gave me the 1/10 of her project, and I guess she is going to tell me that she hasn’t done it.

After all that I gave to her, my pure kindness, our laughter, and finally she did that to me. What is wrong with helping others? School grade is everything to her, and now I officially hate her. She has been being fake to me from the start. Taking advantage of me and stabbed me at my back.

Bye, bitch.



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