My Busy Holiday

Yesterday, I have never been busier. It was 20th December 2011 and I have a really big task called Business Creation presentation*. After that, I also had a meeting in Student Board Prasetiya Mulya 2011/2012 in Primavera,BSD. It started at 16.30 (the meeting) and we begin BBQ party at 20.00. Unfortunately, I couldn’t join the party since I had a meeting in my temple at Poris. So from BSD I had to rush to Poris and another meeting was waiting for me.
At my temple, we began at 21.00 and end at 23.00. So I got home at 23.30 but still, I couldn’t sleep because I had a lot of tasks to do, ex: Prasmul Cup thingy (I’m the treasurer so I have to fix the budget), and also I had to design certificate for my temple.
In the end, I slept at 01.00 and woke up at 06.00 to drive my mom to traditional market, and now (09.00), I have to rush to Prasmul because I’m having another meeting for Prasmul Cup at 10.00



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