Three Best Friends

I don’t know when I become alone. I used to be a person who likes to socialized. When I was in high school, I have 3 best friends ever that I could get. Their name is Intan Permata Wijaya ( childhood until now we’re a real close friend, she knows what I’m thinking by looking at my eyes ), my second best friend is Tiffany Fransiska, she is the most artsy person that a person could know. *well,this is too much. Haha
She is good at everything in art. My third cutest best friend is Mia Praticia, she is really good in communication skills, persuading, and dancing.
They three are like my own sister.

Talking about loneliness at the first, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have friends at all. I do have. But not the close one. Well I guess that is college life. Everyone just keep on focus on their own, not others. Mind your step in college. ☺

Happy Sunday!



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