The Answer

well, i come back. haha. it was a long long long story that i havent written anytihing on my blog. gw ngerasa nama blog gw rada norak. haha. dan ingin beralih ke tumblr aja. Oia, now continue my study at Prasetiya Mulya  Business School.


well enough for the mumbling. Here I wanna write is the answer of the past post that I made. At that time, finally I chose “Yes” for my answer. and do you have something to ask to me? Well it must be the question ryte?

Actually I was chosen to be one of the candidate of the Student Council’s President . and  yes I confused whether to continue and fight for the election and had a loootts of responsible or just refused and had an ordinary high school life.

I chose yes

and here the sad news, I didnt win

The different from the winner was 36 votes, and until now I didnt regret cause I was still the member of the student council.

I think I can still contribute without being the leader and also, member and leader are the same, the different is, the leader juat have more burden. 🙂



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