7 August 09

Today, I did one cruel thing, i left my besties all alone. I totally forgot her. God, I felt guilty.

Well, now I’m a 12 grader, and so I used to like chemistry, but now, things had changed. Today, I had chemistry, and of course, I didn’t understand! all student in my class are very damnly smart. Feel like I’m  the stupidest one.

Today is not a best day ever, cause when I got home at about six in the evening, my parents went to a sinshe (chinese doctor), so practically I was alone in my home. Then, I slept at about 7 and continued till 12!

Suddenly I realized that I hadn’t taken bath, so I showered and watched TV. When my parents got home, I wish my father Happy Birthday, then I sleep again..

Anyway, when I was lazy to take a bath, I had a dream that Deddy Cobuzier forced me to take a bath, then I woke up an showered..haha



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