Math and Physics exam

Wed, 12 August 09

Ihave two exams for tomorrow! shithead! I’m sure that I’m gonna be tired and not sleeping tonight

lesson of the day

action is louder than word

Thu,13 August 09

The fact :

I slept till morning, and I got up without knowing anything.

Fyi, I hit someone’s shoulder (actually it’s not me, my Swift did)

lesson of the day

carefull when driving

well, actually I did great on my two exams!! I did math on my own, but in Physics, my besties  helped me a lotand Mam Susan tell me “things” that can make me done all of those.

Today, miracles happened on me!

fyi, paps let me drive alone tomorrow, yey!

another lesson of the day:

It’s okay to ask your teacher for your exam’s answer



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